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Whatever your needs, there’s always a mobility solution for you. Discover the models and services available in the Peugeot Scooters network in your country.

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Discover Peugeot Scooters 21 models, with a choice of 8 different CCs from 50 to 500cc and an innovative electric engine.



Crafty and cheap

Mini price, maxi storage case under the seat can hold a large full-face helmet, highly-practical level floor pan, bag hook, fold-away foot grips, 50cc 4-stroke engine and cool look, KISBEE has everything it takes to paint the city day or night.

Colours: Pearly black, Polar white, Coral orange, Sky blue or Icy white

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The urban compact GT

CITYSTAR is a GT 125cc compact, elegant, cutting-edge design scooter. Comfortable, kitted out with high-level equipment, it is fitted with an innovative liquid-cooling engine that delivers 13.5bhp with a maximum torque at 12Nm, meaning the vehicle is sharper, cold-start is easier and performance is optimal.

Colours: Snow White, Mother-of-pearl Black, Technium Verni or Havana

Storage case volume: 2 helmets

Available June 2011

Peugeot scooters
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100% electric, eco by nature

Fruit of 15 years’ experience working with electric and of our commitment to sustainable development, e-VIVACITY is the ultimate solution for urban mobility. Compact, light and just so easy to use, it is the perfect every-day travel companion and is totally eco-friendly.

Engine: 100% electric

Eco-friendliness: Zero CO2 emission whilst driving

Available in Spring 2012.

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KISBEE Crafty and cheap CITYSTAR The urban compact GT e-VIVACITY 100% electric, eco by nature